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Half the fun of going fishing is looking fab! Lucy Bowden and the Fishing For Everyone Ladies Fishing Club are constantly being asked where females can get fishing clothing that looks good and, more importantly, fits! Here is Lucy’s advice:

Clothing is extremely important when heading out fishing and wearing the right or wrong item of clothing can make or break your day.

Take a cold day in winter for example, if you don’t layer up with the right thermals you will be significantly disadvantaging yourself and, more often or not you will head home early with freezing cold toes and fingers!

Alternatively, on a red hot day fewer layers of lighter materials can really make your day a success – stick to natural fibres, cotton is great and don’t forget your hat! Sunburn is never a good look!

Unfortunately, clothing made specifically for the female angling market is few and far between and, although some fishing tackle manufacturers do offer ladies smaller sizes, more often or not ladies force themselves into items of clothing that are just no good. We ladies need to realise that we have parts to our bodies that just aren’t shaped like a man’s!

Why is fishing clothing for ladies such a big problem?

Many fishing tackle manufacturers do not produce clothing for female anglers due to the small market available for it. Manufactures are in business to make money and need to produce products that are going to appeal to the mass market. As only 5% of anglers are female we do not make up such a large percentage. So, we can complain as much as we want ladies (and believe me I do!) but until more of us take to the sport this is unlikely to change.

What should I wear?

As for why we should wear specific clothing that fits – well, you would never send a female swimmer out in a pair of men’s swimming trunks would you?! Seriously, it is an issue. As I have grown up, I have tried lots of different items of fishing clothing and it really is a struggle to get suitable clothing for fishing. Obviously, serious anglers need lots of different types of clothing from base layer thermals to waterproof bottoms and tops. In fact, clothing if it doesn’t fit properly can lead to various issues including trips and falls for example caused by trousers which are too long.

My advice on choice of clothing is to think outside of the box. Don’t just go into fishing tackle shops for clothing as you would equipment, we ladies can do better than that. What about trying outdoor and camping shops or your local country store? Or, if you wish to wear fishing specific clothing then at least have it altered to fit properly.  I have a fab pair of bib and brace waterproof trousers I had taken up on the legs and shoulder straps so they are now a perfect fit.

Tops, Bottoms and Footwear

Other items of clothing I wear are from stores such as Barbour who do great shirts and jumpers. Joules are also fab for their feminine, pretty country attire and any outdoor shop can supply base layers and waterproofs. Always try and aim for a good pair of footwear for angling – walking boots or preferably wellies are perfect and my favourite brand is Hunter,  plus, you can get them in all different colours, including baby pink!


Waders – the million dollar question! Various manufacturers do sell waders in small sizes, by ‘small’ I mean with the foot size going down to a 6 (remember; always go for a foot size bigger than you are when buying stocking foot waders to leave enough room for the stocking.) However, if you want cheap and cheerful,  Lidles the supermarket were selling waders a few weeks ago – you see, you can do your weekly shop and pick up fishing items too! Alternatively, you can buy wader from various fishing tackle manufacturers including Orvis and Simms.

Fly Vests

As for fly vests etc I never , ever wear one! Why? Just look at them! Designed by a man for a man in my opinion! I mean – we have breasts for goodness sake and the placement of the pockets on the chest really does not help things one bit. The choice is yours however and yes, they may be handy for safe keeping of your spare leaders, a fly box etc in but the look just isn’t a good one.


Sunglasses are a must – not just for looks or to stop the glare on the waters surface, but from a safety aspect they’re vital (nearly as important as your fishing rod!) I never leave home without my Costa’s! Best advice on specs – go for polarized.


Finally, always, always wear a hat when you’re fishing, preferably with a large peak or brim – not only will this protect your head from flying hooks, it’ll prevent the sun from burning it too!

The thing is ladies, you don’t have to spend a fortune!

Finally, yes all of us ladies like to look good and yes, it is all about looking good as well as feeling great but remember functionality is also the key.

Clothing plays a huge role in the enjoyment of your fishing experience – don’t get caught out!

I hope this advice helps you all and good Luck!

Lucy x

Founder & Chairman of the Fishing For Everyone Ladies Fishing Club

PS – Have you purchased any cool fishing clothing recently? Share your comments here!