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Hartley Fly Fishing are proud to support Fishing For Everyone

Off to a Flying Start –

Club Elect 2012 Committe

Fishing For Everyone make Charity Pledge

Anglers hook up for a day’s fishing

The Watch – NFM

Ahoy Captain! NESA website

Ahoy Captain! website

The Ladies Head to Caistron –

FFE Junior Day –

FFE AAPGAI Instructional Day – Anglersnet

AAPGAI Instructional Day –

The Stevies take on the Ladies – Hardy & Greys

Ladies Enjoy First Fishing Event of 2011 – Anglers Net

First Event of 2011 - Anglers Net

Jenny is Reel Deal – Northumberland Gazette December 2010

Fishing For Everyone gain another female assistant coach! – AGM, October 2010 – September Event! – Casting Out of the Box – Whinney Loch Ladies Day

Ladies Go Fishing For Cod

Taste of the Sea – Northumberland Gazette

Club Chairman Lucy Reaches for the Sky – Lucy Reaches for the Sky – Northumberland Gazette July 2010

Ladies Fishing Club celebrate National Fishing Month –

Coach Lucy – Check out Angler Mail, June 15th 2010 edition.

Check out Club Vice Chairman, Rebecca Thorpe in Hugh Miles’ Catching The Impossible programme 2 – you go girl!

Northumberland Gazette – Northumberland Gazette – Lucy’s Flying!

Lucy Bowden Makes The Grade –

Catching The Impossible - every Sunday on channel 4 at 7am – check out Club Vice Chairman and head Coach, Rebecca Thorpe coming soon! – Lucy Makes Angling Coach

Joules Blog  – Fishing Events for Ladies

Check us out on the Joules Clothing Blog!

Tweed Proves Success For Ladies Fishing Club –

Fishing For Everyone Promise Something A Little Different at the 2010 Tweed Fair

Northumberland Gazette – Anglers Reach for the Sky

Berwickshire News – Ladies Only Club Hooked On Fishing

Berwick Advertiser – Ladies Only Fishing Club is Reeling in Enthusiasts

SKY Stars Northern Fly Girls –

Lucy Bowden… where have you been hiding? Fly Gal Blog

My job… My Outdoors: Casting ‘across the pond’ to Lucy in the UK. Women’s Outdoor News.

Club in Carpworld Mag – Carpworld – Fishing For Everyone

Adventure Woman – Notes from the Trail – Excitement, anticipation and nerves

Northumberland Gazette – Carmelle Hooks First Grayling

Carpworld magazine feature – Carpworld – Fishing For Everyone - Carmelle ‘Hooks’ a PB Grayling

Sunday Express Publish Hook, Line and Sinker on their website

Hook, Line and Sinker – Sunday Express S Magazine – Sunday Express ‘S’ magazine speak to three females about fishing.

Ladies Grayling Day Now Booked -

Grayling Fishing For Everyone on the Tweed –

Ladies Fishing Club Seeks New Members –

Fishing For Everyone Ladies Fishing Club in January edition of Trout & Salmon magazine - Fishing Voucher – T&S Mag Jan 2010.

Evening Chronlcle – Lucy is aiming to get more women hookedEvening Chronicle, Saturday 12th December 2009 NEW!

Pink soup, freezing weather and pike fishing!Anglers Net    NEW!

Fishing For Everyone’s Pike Fishing DayFishing Magic   NEW!

Girls celebrate in style!

The Journal – Gift will have the love of your life hooked – The Journal

Exclusive Pike Fishing event – Anglers Net

Ladies Go Fishing For Grayling – Anglers Net

The Fishing For Everyone Ladies Fishing Club were featured on BBC 1 News television! Watch the programme here.

Northumberland Gazette – Recruits Hooked By Women’s Club

A jam-packed calendar for the Fishing For Everyone Club next year!

Women’s Group In Spotlight – Fishing For Everyone Ladies Fishing Club head for the Tweed…

Salmon & Trout Association Dinner – The Fishing For Everyone Ladies Fishing Club will be supprting this years annual Salmon & Trout Association dinner by donating a day’s fishing with the Club.

Yet Another Successful Day was had on Saturday 29th August 2009 by the Fishing For Everyone Ladies Fishing Club.

Ladies Fishing Club Committee Selected – The 2010 Fishing For Everyone Ladies Fishing Club have now been elected.

Ladies Take First Place – On Sunday June 7th the Fishing For Everyone Ladies Fishing Club held their June meeting at Chatton Trout Fishery, Chatton.

First Fishing For Everyone Club Meeting -  The first Fishing For Everyone Ladies Fishing Club meeting took place Saturday 28th March 2009.

Hardy & Greys Ltd Support Ladies In Fishing -  Hardy & Greys Ltd are supporting a brand new ladies fishing club based in the North East of England.

Fishing For Everyone Ladies Fishing Club – Four new members joined the Fishing For Everyone Ladies Fishing Club at their recently held October Club event.