Fishing Etiquette

18th January, 2013 - Posted by Lucy - No Comments

When fishing there are some basic points of etiquette we must all follow.

  1. If passing by an angler who is fishing, ensure the angler knows you are passing them so they don’t cast at the wrong moment!
  2. Don’t fish too close to the angler next to you – try and keep to the pegged areas or a suitable distance away. No one likes to be crowded / have someone too close to their swim.
  3. Don’t cast into another anglers swim.
  4. When catching fish, respect them and keep them in the water at all times.
  5. If you leave your fishing peg / swim for any length of time, always remove your equipment so someone else can fish the area whilst your away.
  6. Keep phone calls and texts to a minimum and ALWAYS keep your phone on silent.
  7. Remember the Countryside Code – don’t leave any rubbish on the bank and close any gates behind you.
  8. Always carry your fishing rod license with you when fishing.
  9. Most of all, enjoy your fishing!