Fishing Tips

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  • Polarised sunglasses are always the best bet, unless you like the ‘element of surpise’ like our Vice-Chairman, Rebecca Thorpe!
  • Always check if you need a rod license where you are fishing – if you do not have one and are caught, fines of up to £2,000 can be imposed by the Environment Agency. Licenses can be purchased at your local post office or on the Environment Agency’s website.
  • Require casting instruction? Contact us for the nearest instructor in your area.
  • Casting – take time to observe the rise – a cast at the right time will take almost every fish.
  • Avoid the warmest part of the day to go fishing. Early morning and late evening are always the best.
  • When seeking fish – travel light and keep it simple.
  • Always allow your waders and boots to dry fully after use.
  • Etiquette -  Observe the rules of where you are fishing.
  • When fly fishing never cast the line so that it overlays the fish – this is likely to scare the fish.
  • Catch & Release (C&R) Play your hooked fish quickly and bring it in near the bank before it is warn out.
  • Talk to anglers around you – find out what baits are working from those in the know.
  • Always ensure you have the correct rod license. Check before you fish on the Environment Agency website.
  • Where the hell do I start? A great article for beginners by Trout Fisherman magazine!
  • We recommend that you always test out a fishing rod before purchasing. Visit your local fishing tackle shop.
  • Keep a diary. Log everything from where and when you are fishing to what you caught, what bait and what method worked!
  • Research a venue, especially a new venue before going to increase your chances of catching.
  • Always try to wash your fishign equipment in clean, fresh cold water after going fishing.
  • Always wet hands before handling a Trout / Salmon and ensure the fish is kept in the water at all times if you are putting it back.
  • DVD’s and fishing programmes, as well as the internet and books are great sources of information for beginners and those hopin to brush up on their technique!

Do you have aa special fishing tip? Send it into us!