Member’s Feedback

1st October, 2010 - Posted by Lucy - No Comments

Feedback from some Club Members who have Attended Recent Events

Instructional Day – Saturday 16th April

Great day —- thank you , Lucy
Great food —thank you , Rebecca
Great membership cards –thank you , Jenny
Great lectures — thank you the Stevies – especially the Entomology and the Knots!
Great Venue — thank you, Hardy Greys

Whinney Loch – Sunday 26th September

Location – Excellent. Quite sheltered at Whinney Loch itself and the lodge was great for warming up at lunchtime.

Fishing – Plenty of fish seen but I didn’t catch anything!

Tuition – Excellent. Clear advice given and tips gratefully received.

Comments – A great day and a sociable group – I will definitely be attending again! Amy Smith


Location – Ideal, scenic, sheltered from the worst of the wind and the use of the fishing lodge for lunch/coffee/warm-up breaks was great!

Fishing – Not as many fish visible, feeding or taking the fly as last year due to the time of year and weather on the day but overall still an enjoyable day trying.

Tuition – Can’t praise the tuition enough -  I improve every time I attend! Pearl Snaith

Location: Very good facilities.

Fishing: Excellent – especially since I caught one! – We had it for dinner it tasted delicious!

Tuition: Excellent – always willing and helpful – the relaxed approach means you don’t feel afraid to ask for help or guidance. Joan Sharp

Location – Pleasant and charming surroundings.

Fishing – Plenty of fish jumping and enthralling to watch them being caught. It was helpful for me to see how fish are despatched.

Tuition – Friendly and relaxed. Most helpful for a newcomer is being able to watch others’ techniques. Judy Kirby

Location – Good spot but a shame about the weather.

Fishing – Very good practice. We could see them but we could not catch them!

Tuition – Very good. Everyone helpful as usual. Relaxed. Rosie Robson

Caistron Trout Fishery – Sunday 22nd August

Location – Very nice! Loved it! Would be happy to go again!

Fishing – Need practice! The fishing was good – I liked how Cliff kept the water well stocked just for us, and he was very helpful in taking the boat out!

Tuition – Good, help when needed or requested.

Food – Really nice BBQ – I was impressed. Jaquie Baker

Location – Beautiful

Fishing – Great (I caught one!)

Tution – Excellent (thank you)

Food – Lovely and the wine a welcome surprise! Cheryl Fleet